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We bring extensive experience in product development, strategic planning, project management, and the use of artificial intelligence to enhance the performance and future readiness of your company or organization.

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Why choose Productory?

  • Over 25 years of experience in leading software development.
  • In-depth knowledge of the operations of both public and private sector organizations.
  • Experience in managing large-scale projects (over 50 million euros).
  • Experience in leading product management organizations.
  • Experience in creating and implementing strategies.
  • Practical experience in designing and developing products.
Brief introductions to services.

Start implementing AI the right way.

Based on our experience, we understand the importance of helping to start from the right place, depending on the development stage of the organization. That's why our services include both situation mapping and practical implementation services.

AI Roadmap.

The AI roadmap assists businesses in identifying potential areas for creative artificial intelligence applications within your company's business processes and provides support for implementation.

The AI roadmap includes:

  • An analysis of the company/organization's field of activity, strategy, and set objectives in the context of potential artificial intelligence implementation.
  • Mapping of business processes for the adoption of creative AI.
  • Developing objectives and an action plan for the implementation of generative AI.

Agile implementation of AI in business processes.

In the agile method, we break down the business processes needing analysis and implementation into various short phases or "sprints." In each sprint, we follow these steps:

  • In-depth analysis and workflow mapping of a specific business process;
  • Analysis of suitable tools and technologies to achieve the set objectives in specific business processes.
  • Setting up tools, prompts, and techniques to support business processes.
  • Testing tools in a real workflow, analyzing feedback, and making adjustments.

Automating business processes with no-code tools.

The business process automation service is designed for companies looking to enhance the efficiency and productivity of their daily workflows using no-code tools. We primarily focus on automation solutions utilizing Zapier and Make.com, in conjunction with AI tools.

Service includes:

  • Process Mapping: We identify bottlenecks in workflows.
  • Identifying automation opportunities: finding technological solutions to accelerate work.
  • Solution development: creating automation workflows with Zapier or Make.
  • Monitoring and consulting: providing ongoing support and process monitoring.

Product management consultations

Product management consultations are designed for companies looking to develop new products or enhance existing ones.

The service includes:

  • Market analysis and product strategy development: We assist companies in understanding their target market, competition, and customer needs to develop effective product development strategies.
  • Innovation and design: We employ innovative approaches and design thinking techniques to help create innovative and user-friendly products.
  • Prototyping and testing: We offer prototyping and testing services to ensure product functionality and market readiness before final launch.
  • Creating a product performance metrics system: We provide consultation on establishing a system for service or product performance metrics, building dashboards, and analytics.

UX/UI development and design.

The user interface development service focuses on creating attractive and intuitive interfaces that enhance the user experience.

The service includes

  • User-centric design: We create user interfaces that focus on user needs and preferences, ensuring an excellent user experience.
  • Interactive prototypes: We develop clickable prototypes that make it easy to evaluate the overall user experience before directing the product into development.
  • Continuous support and monitoring: We provide ongoing support and updates to ensure that user interfaces remain up-to-date and responsive to changing user needs and technological trends.
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Jarmo Tuisk

Jarmo Tuisk is a recognized expert in the field of AI, with a diverse career that includes extensive international experience in product management and strategic planning skills.

Our experience

We have conducted training for over 2000 individuals, including in-house corporate sessions and open courses as part of the EBS Executive Education program. In addition to training, we have assisted companies in brand creation, UX/UI design, product strategy, and web development.

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