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Our AI education bridges the knowledge gap, offering hands-on AI training for forward-thinking businesses.

What we offer?

Starting right with artificial intelligence

There's a lot of hype surrounding AI. So, what's accurate and what's not? Which tools are genuinely beneficial, and which ones end up costing more time than they're worth? With our help, navigating this new and rapidly changing landscape becomes significantly easier.

AI courses

Artificial intelligence is the biggest technological revolution since the internet, fundamentally transforming the operations of all companies and organizations. We're here to help your organization better understand and embrace the opportunities AI offers.

AI consulting services

During consultations, we aim to collaboratively identify which segments of your work and processes could integrate AI solutions to enhance your competitive edge.

Inspirational lectures

Engaging lectures that provide a brief overview of AI and its applications across various fields, illustrated with compelling examples.
AI courses for companies
Open lectures

Artificial intelligence benefits everyone

From our experience, even adopting the simplest AI tools can save us dozens of hours each week and enable us to tackle tasks that previously required highly paid experts.

Boost in productivity

Research indicates that employee productivity can increase by a third or more with the help of AI. Through our training sessions, your organization's employees will quickly gain hands-on experience with practical AI tools, ensuring immediate benefits from the training.

Expanded understanding of AI

Artificial intelligence isn't just ChatGPT or DALL-E. We offer our learners a broad perspective on AI and the various tools available, helping uncover opportunities that might not be immediately apparent.

Quickly demystifying the complex

To trust new technology, it's essential to understand how it works. We're here to help you grasp this by speaking frankly, using simple language, and focusing on what matters.

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In-house training tailored to your needs

Contact us and let's discuss a program tailored specifically for your organization.

Kristiina Tuisk

AI trainer and consultant with extensive public sector experience, including participation in the development of various national strategies.

Kristiina Tuisk - AI koolitaja ja konsultant, Productory AI Agentuuris

Our experience

We have conducted training for over 2000 individuals, including in-house corporate sessions and open courses as part of the EBS Executive Education program. In addition to training, we have assisted companies in brand creation, UX/UI design, product strategy, and web development.

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