Strategic perspective on AI

This training focuses on the "big picture" of AI. We'll explore which industries are most affected by AI developments. We'll assess whether an organization needs an AI strategy. We'll review the steps for strategic implementation of AI within an organization. We'll also delve into the challenges and future of AI.

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What we will cover in this course?

Current state of artificial intelligence: where we stand on the AI development timeline.

Organization's AI strategy:

  • What is an AI strategy?
  • How to gauge the need for an AI strategy?
  • The impact of AI across different industries and business processes.

Strategic implementation of AI in organizations:

  • Different complexity levels of AI implementation.

AI ethics and challenges:

  • What is AI ethics and what new challenges do we face?
  • What is responsible use of AI?
  • What is happening with AI regulations?

Future trends in AI:

  • When will AI reach human-level intelligence?
  • When will artificial general intelligence (AGI) emerge?
  • What is actually going to happen in the AI landscape in 2024?

AI tools covered in this course

  • ChatGPT
Learning outputs

Why choose this course?

  • Quick overview of AI technology's development and future outlook.
  • Insights into the directions of an organization's AI strategy.
  • Answers to whether and what kind of AI strategy your organization may need.
  • Understanding of AI-related challenges and risks.
  • Background knowledge on the current state of AI-related regulations.
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Kristiina Tuisk

AI trainer and consultant with extensive public sector experience, including participation in the development of various national strategies.

Kristiina Tuisk - AI koolitaja ja konsultant, Productory AI Agentuuris

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We have conducted training for over 2000 individuals, including in-house corporate sessions and open courses as part of the EBS Executive Education program. In addition to training, we have assisted companies in brand creation, UX/UI design, product strategy, and web development.

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