Getting the most out of lengthy meetings can be challenging. After 2.5 hours, it's often difficult to remember where the discussions started and the conclusions reached in between. However, thanks to AI technology, we now have the ability to transcribe and summarize meetings more quickly, which significantly enhances the discussion.


As someone who has tested numerous cutting-edge AI products and models, I must admit that it's become increasingly difficult to impress me with the latest gadgets and innovations. However, my recent experience using the Samsung Galaxy S24 and Claude 3 Opus for meeting summarization has left me truly amazed. The seamless integration of advanced transcription capabilities and powerful AI-driven summarization is set to transform how we approach lengthy meetings and discussions.

Transcribing Meetings on Your Phone: The Samsung Galaxy S24's Impressive Capabilities

One of the standout features of the Samsung Galaxy S24 is its ability to transcribe lengthy meetings directly on the device. I recently put this to the test with a 2-hour English-language meeting, and the results were astounding. The phone managed to transcribe the entire conversation, generating a transcript of over 19,750 words and around 100,000 characters. While the process did take some time, the fact that a pocket-sized device could handle such a task is a testament to the rapid advancements in mobile technology and speech-to-text capabilities.

The evolution of speech-to-text technology has been remarkable, with mobile devices now capable of accurately transcribing lengthy conversations in a variety of languages. The Samsung Galaxy S24's performance in this regard is a prime example of this progress, making accurate transcription services more accessible and convenient than ever. This convenience opens up a wealth of opportunities for professionals seeking to streamline their workflows and make the most of their meeting time.

The Battle of AI Summarization: Claude 3 Opus vs ChatGPT

Having obtained a detailed transcript of the meeting, my next challenge was to generate a meaningful summary that captured the key points and topics discussed. Initially, I turned to ChatGPT, a popular AI language model known for its versatility. However, when I fed the lengthy transcript into ChatGPT, I quickly realized its limitations. The model struggled to provide an in-depth summary, offering only a superficial overview of the meeting. When prompted to delve into specific details, ChatGPT often got stuck, unable to process the sheer volume of information.

Undeterred, I decided to try Claude 3 Opus, a more advanced AI model developed by Anthropic. Since this larger model cannot be directly accessed through a chat app, I utilized the Anthropic console to input the entire transcript and request the relevant summaries. The results were nothing short of remarkable. Claude 3 Opus's superior performance can be attributed to its larger context window, often referred to as its "memory." This expanded capacity allows the model to process and analyze more extensive passages of text, enabling it to generate summaries that capture the nuances and details of the meeting with impressive accuracy.

The Power of Context: How Claude 3 Opus's Large Context Window Enhances Summary Quality

The impact of Claude 3 Opus's large context window on the quality of the generated summaries cannot be overstated. As I read through the AI-generated summary, I was struck by how accurately it encapsulated the entire conversation. The model managed to identify the main topics discussed and provide concise yet comprehensive overviews of each point. In fact, I would argue that the summary was even better than what one might expect from a human notetaker, as it eliminated any unnecessary filler and focused on delivering clear, readable summaries.

A larger context window allows AI language models like Claude 3 Opus to maintain a more comprehensive understanding of the input text, enabling them to establish connections, identify key themes, and generate summaries that are coherent and relevant. This enhanced capacity has far-reaching implications beyond meeting summarization, as it could potentially revolutionize various AI-powered tasks, such as content creation, document analysis, and even creative writing.


The combination of the Samsung Galaxy S24's impressive transcription capabilities and Claude 3 Opus's state-of-the-art AI technology has truly color me impressed. This powerful duo showcases the immense potential of AI in transforming how we approach meeting summarization and streamlining professional workflows. The accessibility of these advanced tools through mobile devices like the Galaxy S24 makes it easier than ever for professionals to harness the power of AI in their daily lives.