A generative AI attracted wide attention in 2022. With the help of Dall-E, Midjourney, and Stable Diffusion, we learned how to create images. Many blog posts contain parts that have been edited or even entirely written by AI assistants. Many pieces of software are co-written using GitHub's Copilot and other tools.

It elicited a strong reaction from various creative fields, who predicted that AI would devour the creative world and de-incentivize further pursuit of human creativity.

However, as a member of the Instagram creative community, I've learned that AI has actually incentivized a whole new generation of people to push the creative boundaries and pursue new avenues of self-expression.

Of course, there are many copycat works and re-renderings, among other things, but there are also many truly original ideas and concepts. Isn't that the essence of creativity? Act on ideas that arise in the human mind and seek out the best set of tools for expressing those ideas.

When I first started this journey, I was concerned, as are many creative people today, that the rise of generative AI would render creative professions unsustainable. But I'm now convinced that, rather than suffocating human creativity, generative AI boosts it. The world would be less colorful and imaginative without it. 

Personally, I plan to express myself primarily through visual mediums, as writing is not my strong suit, neither in my native language nor in English.

You can see my visual works on Instagram and my written works on this blog.


Short Bio

Jarmo Tuisk, born in 1978, Estonian. Happily married, raising 3 kids. Well only 1 of them needs my help occasionally because the others are pretty much at the age to fly out of the nest anyway. I am definitely a cat person, and my silverback Scottish Straight called Rocco does not miss a moment to take advantage of that weakness of mine.

I've been in the software development industry since the late 1990s, primarily in product design and management roles. For many years, my passion has been design. I've worked on UI/UX design projects as well as some minor architectural design and 3D renderings.


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