Magic Kingdom is a strategy game of magic and wizardry. The goal of the game is to become the most powerful and wealthiest wizard in the Magic Kingdom by obtaining new spells and magical artifacts and using them to gain gems from other players. Players move around the game board by rolling a six-sided dice.

Each player starts the game with a set amount of money (usually 10 gems) and takes turns rolling the dice and moving their game piece around the board. When a player lands on a spell or artifact card that is not owned, they have the option to buy it or leave it.

When a player lands on a spell or artifact card that is owned by another player, they must pay the owner in gems marked on that card. Failing to do so means that the player has lost all his magical power and leaves the game to the Good Heavens.

Before each turn, the player can trade any existing spell or artifact card they own with the bank in exchange for gems.

When the user passes the Start slot, they can collect 4 gems from the bank.

There are four special slot types on the game board that do not host spells or artifacts:

1. Chance

When the player lands on the chance spot, they need to throw the dice again and see what fate brings to them.

There are 6 possible outcomes:

  • Roll 1 and you get 4 gems;
  • Roll 2 and you can choose any destination, from any of the spells or artefacts slots;
  • Roll 3 and you are headed to the Dragon's mine;
  • Roll 4 and you can invoke the wizard's battle. Read below about the rules of the wizard battle.
  • Roll 5 and you lose 2 gems;
  • Roll 6 and you can trade cards with any player. Read more about the Trading day below.

2. Dragon’s mine

When the player comes to a halt in Dragon's mine, they have the chance to win two gems. They need to roll the dice again, and if the number is even, the gems are theirs. Otherwise, they need to skip the next turn.

3. Ogre's cave

Ogres are greedy. You need to pay 1 gem, and you miss the next turn.

4. Fairy's hut

Fairy's hut is such a lovely place that you forget to leave it. The player who lands in the Fairy's hut skips the next turn.

The wizard battle

When the player invokes the wizard's battle, they choose their opponent. Both players can choose any of their owned spell or artifact card as a stake. Then they roll the dice. Whoever gets the highest number wins the battle and collects the other player's spell or artifact card.

The trading day

When the player gets a trading day from the chance board, they can choose any other player to trade cards with. Both players can freely choose any card they own to trade.

Th end of the game

Players can decide in advance whether they play until one player is eliminated or until the last wizard stands. In the former case, each remaining player counts their gems at the end of the game, both in their gem cards and in their spell or artifact cards. Whoever has the most gems is the winner of the game and can bear the title of the Ultimate Wizard until the next game.


The Magic Kingdom was invented by Marta and Jarmo Tuisk during the COVID-19 lockdown in spring 2020. Like millions of families around the world, we also needed to stay at home and couldn't visit our friends or have playdates.

After playing through the majority of our board games, the thought struck us: what if we created our own game? The rules and gameplay had to be fairly straightforward because Marta was only six years old at the time. Marta created almost all of the spells and artifacts in the game. Jarmo's primary responsibility was formulating the rules.


The game has been slightly improved over the past two to three years, and the third generation version is now available for download. Players of almost any age found the game to be simple to pick up and quick to play.


This version's artwork was co-created with Marta and Jarmo Tuisk using the AI called Midjourney. While Marta described the imagery and details, Jarmo formulated them into prompts. Click on the image below to see full gallery.

We wish you happy playing!

If you have questions or comments, reach out via email: or thru Instagram @originalme_hq

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